5 dress ideas for apple shaped girls

Girls who have apple body shapes have a bigger torso and quite often slimmer legs. These 5 dresses aim to show you how well an empire line waist (just under the bust) will help flatter an apple shaped body. If you’re not sure what shape you are you can find your body shape here.

1. Empire line maxi sundress

Bright, colourful and cool, this maxi dress would be great for the summer, and that high empire waist helps disguise a bigger tummy!

Empire line maxi dress

2. Empire shift dress in nude lace

Now I know that beige or nude is a difficult colour to wear – if you don’t have the right skin tone ¬†you’ll just end up looking washed-out – but it’s more the shape I’m suggesting. Apple shaped girls often have killer pins, so if you’ve got them this is a great way to show them off!

Empire shift dress for apple body shape

3. Strapless empire line dress

This style is probably best for girls with smaller chests – otherwise you’ll either need amazing scaffolding-type underwear or you’ll be hitching your dress up all night – not a good look! Again though, empire line waist looks great and the floaty skirt balances out a bigger top half.

Strapless empire line dress

4. Strappy white maxi dress

Simple and flattering – perhaps the spaghetti straps aren’t v practical for girls with larger chests – but take the general shape idea of this dress and maybe choose wider straps or sleeves.

Strappy white maxi dress

5. V neck empire line short dress

Again, great if you want to show off your legs. The deep V is also great for lengthening your body and with the high waist your legs will look like they go on forever!

Pink Missioni dress for apple body shape

12 thoughts on “5 dress ideas for apple shaped girls

  1. Thank you for the dress suggestions. All lovely and good for an apple shape but would be great to see them on apples not beanpoles!

      • I know its a hard ask as so many models are stick thin but you could help turn the tide. Appreciate your response. Best wishes, Carolyn

      • Quite a few companies do use plus-size models to model their plus-size ranges which we can use, but I think it’s also important to remember that you don’t need to shop in specialist departments to find something which can be flattering :)
        Also, the different body shapes come in all sizes – somebody who’s pear shaped (for example) is just as likely to be a size 8 as a size 18.

      • As someone who has reached the massive height of 5ft 2″, I agree with this. Although the petite ranges are normally tiny compared to the rest of the shops ranges, you can (if you choose carefully) wear stuff from the normal ranges.

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